Nestor is an organization committed to creating a bridge for 60-plussers and retired individuals to remain active in today's modern workforce. Nestor recognizes that it's not always easy to continue working later in life, but they aim to match motivated and experienced workers to growing companies successfully. Nestor's mission is to become the go-to reference for 50-plussers and retirees in Belgium and the Netherlands, with a vision that mature, loyal, and flexible individuals have much to offer in today's workforce.
ROKON Productions partnered with Nestor to create powerful testimonial videos and extra photos for over 10 clients as part of an ongoing project that was already integrated into Nestor's employer branding campaign. Through this collaboration, we were able to showcase Nestor's mission and vision to connect experienced and motivated 60-plussers and retirees with growing companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. Our services included capturing testimonials from both employers who employ elder persons referred by Nestor and the elder persons themselves, highlighting the value of Nestor's services.
Nestor's employer branding campaign showcases the value of their services to businesses in need of experienced and dedicated employees. The testimonial videos and photos created by ROKON Productions are a critical component of this campaign, highlighting the unique selling points of Nestor's services and attracting businesses that value experienced workers. Through our partnership with Nestor, we have seen firsthand the value of their services, and we are proud to have contributed to their employer branding campaign through high-quality video productions and photos.
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