ROKON Productions had the pleasure of working with Provincie West-Vlaanderen in the summer of 2022 to create an influencer campaign promoting tourism in the region. Our goal was to showcase the beauty and excitement of West-Vlaanderen to the target audience through high-quality videos made in collaboration with micro-influencers.
Together, we produced eight stunning videos featuring different locations and activities across West-Vlaanderen. Our team visited each location and worked with the micro-influencers to create engaging and visually stunning content that captured the unique experiences and attractions of the region.
Through this influencer campaign, we were able to successfully attract the target audience and showcase the beauty and excitement of West-Vlaanderen. Whether it's exploring picturesque towns, enjoying outdoor activities, or indulging in delicious local cuisine, West-Vlaanderen has something to offer for everyone. Contact Provincie West-Vlaanderen to learn more about the region and how you can plan your next visit.
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